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The Books

This is the vampire I was telling you about.

He's a foul-mouthed mess of a real-life ghoul, complete with hilarious cursing and all the sarcasm you can stomach.

They're the best kind, right?

No sparkles, though. That would be lame.

Click here to buy him at Amazon.

I've written some stuff for younger readers, too.

Songs from the Phenomenal Nothing is a YA story about a guitarist who can't get over the death of his mom. Starfire and the Miracle Tree is about a little girl who plants an angel feather in her front yard. It's a whimsical tale for middle-graders.

They're both pretty emotional and tend to make people sad.

But it's a good sad. I swear.

Click here to buy Songs and here to buy Starfire at Amazon.


And this is the explorer, Simeon Croom. 

He's like the love child of Indiana Jones and Inspector Clouseau, and he's about to set out on more adventure than he ever knew was possible. 

 I hope he packed for it. He doesn't always.

His story is a seven-part series. Book one is now available on Amazon. Click here to be spirited away.


This is my collection of short stories about how fickle magic can be. They're all quite charming, though some are darker than others.

Click here to buy a copy at Amazon and see for yourself.

I bet you'll like it. You seem to have good taste.