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Simeon Croom and the Treasure Star

Steven Luna

"Luna," you say, "you've been jabbering on far too much about this Simeon Croom guy without dropping a whole lot of details about how his story goes." You're absolutely right about that. I've been so busy getting the first story in his seven-title series finished, and sorting out the overarching story that links all the books together (which is a fun and far-reaching conspiracy theory that I'm super-excited to put together) that I haven't said very much about what he's actually all about. 


What say we learn a little about this Croom fellow and what he's getting up to as his story begins?

Indiana Jones meets Inspector Clouseau in a new comedy-adventure from the screwball imagination of Steven Luna!

In 1926, when technology was far simpler, the world much vaster, and the notion of global discovery still a thrilling and mysterious prospect, dashing adventurer extraordinaire Simeon Croom traveled far and wide on an intrepid search for evidence of forgotten prehistoric cultures—their ruins, their remnants, and their relics.

Then he took a job at Hydewhite Museum, and his life changed considerably.

Ten years after he abandoned his worldwide explorations in search of ancient artifacts and vanished civilizations and settled for lecturing about them instead, Croom receives an invitation for one last exploit from his oldest comrade and ex-artifact-hunting partner Horatio Bombfell. The mission? Travel into the heart of the steamy Sarabezi jungle and retrieve the Treasure Star, a mythological jeweled orb said to be a gift given by the gods to a shaman from the long-extinct Zingaloo tribe. It’s an offer Croom can hardly afford to pass up, especially with the Hydewhite footing the bill. With his steadfast and sensible assistant Nebula Everhope along to keep the excursion from flying off the rails and nothing but a mysterious stone tablet that may (or may not) be a map to lead them onward, Croom and Bombfell head off on the adventure of a lifetime! But Bombfell’s increasingly sinister ways are undeniable, and all might not be as it seems regarding his intentions for the Treasure Star, if the relic even exists at all...

There you have it - Simeon Croom, in all of his this-is-my-first-book-so-please-be-gentle-with-me glory! I've loved the adventurer story idea since I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark when I was eleven years old, and this is my tongue-in-cheek (with VERY SERIOUS UNDERTONES AND FAR-REACHING IMPLICATIONS WHERE THE CONSPIRACY IS CONCERNED, of course) tribute to that whole trope! It's also something of an homage to another of my favorites, the Lemony Snicket Series of Unfortunate Events books. I love the witty tone, and the arch, old-fashioned storytelling voice, and the slowly-unfolding greater story casting its long, sinster shadow over each of the smaller tales. If you're as much a fan of them as I am, you'll certainly enjoy the ever-expanding world of Simeon Croom as it moves intrepidly from episode to episode...or, at least it WILL be ever-expanding, as soon as I get to work on finishing book number's called Simeon Croom and the Hand of Fatiq, and it takes place in the desert, in the pyramid-tomb of a ancient boy prince!

That's all you'll get for the moment.

As Croom would undoubtedly say with a shrug of his impeccable mustache, it's best if we leave a little mystery in this mystery for the time being, friends.

Simeon Croom and the Treasure Star, book one of the Chronicles of Croom hits Amazon for Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and in paperback on Tuesday, September 20th. Mark your calendars, adventurers - FOR HISTORY, ANTIQUITY, RENOWN!