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Who let this fool have 

internet access?


Neurotic Vampires. Intrepid yet clueless explorers. Magicians, and rock stars abducted by aliens, and sisters who summon the dead.

Oh yes. These are my people.

Which means I've either written stories about them, or I'm in the process of writing stories about them, or I intend to write stories about them very, very soon.

Like later today, probably.

I have SO MANY THINGS in the works right now, you guys. The rock star is in there, and a story about monsters, and one about a guy who uploads a video that goes viral.

There's a superhero series, a story about an ill-fated about a cult leader, and another one about a space jockey.

And did I mention the robot revolution series?

Yeah. These are the works...and there's a slew of other stories after these, just waiting for their turn. And after that?

There are even more.

Good lord...

What have I gotten myself into?